30 Ways to Show Gratitude

There is much to be thankful for throughout the year. And in November, the Seaboard Hotels family really takes stock. We are grateful for family, good health, happiness, all our incredible staff and wonderful guests.

Throughout the year we are especially fortunate to work with some of the best people, provide a smile to arriving guests, and celebrate milestones.

In observance of Thanksgiving Day, here are 30 ways to show gratitude each month of the year.


1. Volunteer to a good cause.
2. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
3. Volunteer at a women’s shelter.
4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
5. Volunteer at an orphanage.


6. Be quick with a compliment.
7. Send or give a hand written note of thanks.
8. Be a sport, business or company coach.
9. Treat an amazing employee with a gift card for a job well done.
10. Sponsor a child in an impoverished country.
11. Be a goodwill ambassador for your company.
12. Consider taking on an intern to teach the next generation.
13. Spread gratitude socially, in person and online if you utilize social media.
14. Support and thank the new company or store in your community.
15. Provide Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need.

support small business saturday


16. Invite a friend or family member to join you on a volunteer endeavor.
17. Visit a hospital and spend some time with someone who can’t make it home.
18. Visit a senior center and spend time with someone new.


19. Donate items to an organization in need.
20. Wrap holiday gifts for those in need.

Rehoboth Beach Christmas Tree Lighting

And More…

21. Learn and say “Thank You” in your employee’s/employer’s native language.
22. If you are creative, help others wrap their holiday gifts too.
23. Run or participate in a run or walk for a non-profit.
24. Send a care package to a soldier overseas.
25. Reach out to a local company you love and join their giving efforts.
26. Spread only positive vibes and smiles.
27. Invite a friend that may be alone for the holidays to spend it with you/your family.
28. Every morning (or night) write down at least one thing you are thankful for.
29. Thank your significant other every day.
30. Look for reasons to say thank you to others.

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