5 Best Tips for Packing Shoes

We’ve all tried to stuff 20 pounds of shoes in our 10 pound piece of luggage. Learn from smart travelers the best tips for packing your footwear this year.

Here are the 5 Best Tips for Packing Shoes

1- Be efficient with how many pairs of shoes you bring

Check the weather a week or two before you start planning and packing your wardrobe for your trip. Go ahead and think of all the shoes you might need. Next, greatly narrow that number down… to 3 pairs if possible. Rethink wardrobe choices to match shoes and if you can get multiple wears out of a pair, they are a better fit for your trip. Quick disclaimer, of course if you are traveling for a special occasion, there might be a pair you do only wear once, but try to be efficient in which shoes you do decide to pack.

Also, sometimes shoes can multiple task. Instead of bringing slippers to the beach, use a pair of slip on sandals or flip flops to double task. Or if you are thinking of high heels for that special occasion, could a wedge sandal or lower heel dress shoe work so you can get multiple wears? It would take up less space in your luggage. Also, pick neutral color footwear or even one shoe per category. For example, day time, beach time, dress, athletic, etc.

2- Don’t pack brand new shoes

You don’t want to be on your trip and struggling with blisters from brand new shoes. Be sure to break in new shoes well before your trip. Wear them around the house, office, or where ever convenient.

3- Clean and bag shoes

Be sure to clean up all your shoes before packing them. This gives you a chance to find any imperfections or parts that need replacing before you get to your destination. Nothing is more irritating than a hanging string or unglued part of a sole when you arrive.

Also, consider bagging your shoes, even if they are spotless, in a water resistant cover. Chances are, once they are worn, they may pick up debris or might even be wet. Then if you have to pack them that way, they won’t dirty the other articles in your suitcase.

If something happens to your cover in transit or you forget, there will probably be good substitutes when you arrive. Plastic laundry bags, shower caps, and the bag from the ice bucket, all work well as shoe covers.

4- Wear your heaviest or bulkiest pair

Instead of having to find extra space for boots or heavy walking shoes in your travel tote, consider wearing them to and from your destination. It will save valuable luggage space for other items.

5- Put shoes in layers and fill every square inch

This is one of the simplest things you can do to pack efficiently. If your shoes lay or fold flat, great! Make them as small as possible. If they don’t, fill them with small toiletries, scarves, jewelry, chargers, adapters. And consider throwing in a dryer sheet or two. They are great at disarming unwanted smells and keeping things fresh.

With a little practice and prior planning, you should get the most out of your luggage space. And you’ll only take what you really need on your next adventure. Happy packing!

Packing Shoes

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  1. Tex Hooper

    I agree that you should using wedge sandals on your vacation. I need to get a new set of sandals. My old ones have multiple holes in them.

  2. Ted J Foreman

    Amazing, these are effective tips to take shoes from one place to another without any hassle. Recently, I Shift from New York and I feel that having shoes in a Bag must have proper packing. Thanks for these tips


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