Alternative Ways to Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure

Alternative Ways to Protect Yourself from Sun ExposureAre you looking forward to returning to the fun in the sun that is Rehoboth Beach?  If so, you are not alone.  Every year, thousands of visitors come to our beach to enjoy the fresh ocean air and the feeling of sand beneath their feet.  However, if you have not visited lately you may not be aware that there are some new rules for the beach.

One biggest changes is the new ordinance that applies to using umbrellas and tents on the beach.


Rehoboth Beach has undergone a few changes as of late, all of which have been put in place to help visitors better enjoy their time along the waterfront.  One of the gripes that tourists and city officials alike have noticed is the over-use of tents and umbrellas on the beach.

What was once a single tent here and there has turned into what some officials are calling a “campground.”  Some beachgoers are even attaching several tents together to make one massive shading area.  It has gotten to the point that you often see more tents and umbrellas than sand.  These large structures can sometimes block the view of the ocean for other beachgoers, and can even limit visibility for lifeguards.  Additionally, there have been problems with individuals drinking alcohol under these tents.

To aid in preventing this problem, the beach has enforced new rules. First, visitors are limited to the size of umbrella they may bring.  The new dimensions are a maximum umbrella circumference of 8 feet and pole height of 7 feet 6 inches.

The other rule applies to tents.  The only tents that may be used are “baby (shade) tents,” and these can only be a maximum width, depth and height of 3 feet.


The new ordinance can certainly be a shock to some, but not all is lost.  There are several other ways that you can protect yourself from the sun without risking a pricey ticket.

Wearing Sunscreen:  This may seem like a basic tip but it is so often forgotten.  Wearing sunscreen is paramount every day, whether you are at the beach or not, as UV rays are just too dangerous to ignore.  As a general rule, use an SPF of 30 or more for long beach days.

When wearing sunscreen, the more, the merrier.  Make sure you get your neck, around your eyes, and your shoulders, and of course, using a sweat-proof and rub proof sunscreen is crucial as well as reapplying often.

Wear a Hat:  You have probably been told this since you were a kid, but wearing a hat on sunny days is an excellent way to stay cool and protected.  A simple baseball hat with a 3-inch brim around the circumference can do wonders to protect your face, neck and scalp.

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