Educational Astronomy Event Visits Rehoboth

Educational Astronomy Event Visits RehobothWe don’t often associate “beach life” with education but in late April, education and beach life are joining together.

If you love learning new things, you can visit Rehoboth Beach late April for an educational experience that is sure to make waves.

On April 18th Rehoboth beach is hosting an event called, “Astronomy for Everyone: The Size and Scale of the Universe.” The event will begin at 6:30 pm and takes place at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library located at 226 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach. Both the Rehoboth Beach Public Library along with the Rehoboth Beach Museum are sponsoring the event. The event, in short, will be all about exploring the universe and is a family-friendly event.

Those attending will experience a multi-media presentation which will simulate a virtual journey through the universe. Afterwards, everyone will move to the outside boardwalk to take in the incredible views of Saturn’s rings, the moon’s surface, and other constellations in the night sky, all with the help of a powerful telescope! Click here to view the event’s Facebook page for all information.

This event is focused on education and can be a great way to get children intrigued in the wonders of science. Whether you are an experienced astronomer or just have a general interest in the field, you can use this event to meet up with both locals and tourists that share the same interests.

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