Fall Specials at The Avenue Apothecary and Spa

The Avenue Apothecary and Spa, our delightful, onsite relaxation center has some amazing seasonal offerings. Choose from a manicure and/or pedicure infused with Honey Butterscotch, Cranberry Bourbon, Autumn Harvest or Red Hot Apple Toddy today.

honey-butterscotch-rum-and- relax at Avenue Apothecary and Spa

The Honey Butterscotch

You’ll start with a warm, nectar whole milk and chicory root bath soak that brings buttery softness to skin. Next, enjoy an exfoliation and massaged in premium aged butterscotch rum, brown sugar and rice bran oil. Followed by a warm honey glaze, rich with live papaya and pineapple fruit cells, aloe and vitamin E, painted over legs and feet to nourish skin and leave you fee fully pampered.

cranberry-bourbon-mani-pedi relax at Avenue Apothecary and Spa

The Cranberry Bourbon

This infusion will give your soles and hands some much needed TLC this season. The treatment begins with a vitamin E and coconut oil-infused soak. Then, your skin is prepped and exfoliated with a spiced brown sugar and Kentucky whiskey scrub. The finale – a sultry, warm botanical oil massage, with a delicate dash of Madagascar vanilla and Texas distilled bourbon.

Autumn Harvest relax at Avenue Apothecary and Spa

The Autumn Harvest

It’s time to treat yourself to soft skin and deliciousness with a vitamin-E and coconut oil infused soak. Next, is the pear-infused brandy buffing and then a creamy pumpkin puree and yogurt mask is applied. Your skin will soften and the dry summer patches will disappear. Finally, you’ll enjoy the spiced coconut milk infusion that hydrates with crisp autumn-like notes of honey & clove!

relax at Avenue Apothecary and Spa with a red-hot-apple-toddy

The Red Hot Apple Toddy

A special recipe for soft skin. First, dip your toes and fingers into a shimmering soak, bursting with antioxidant-goodness to prep the skin. Next is an ah-mazing exfoliating blend made from real Kentucky whiskey and brown sugar that exudes all the fall feels! Next you’ll enjoy a genuine Texas honey and aloe wrap to lock in moisture. You’ll feel the stress begin to leave your body. Finally, an antioxidant filled shea butter massage – it has a splash of grapeseed and olive fruit oils. Your skin will be silky soft.


Now that we’ve shared 4 things to do in Rehoboth Beach, let’s get to it! You deserve the break and the refresh this fall with these fabulous mani-pedi infused delights.

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