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Frequently Asked Questions for Avenue Inn & Spa

Check In/Check out
Are there special circumstances around Holidays and Special Events?
Do you require a deposit with each booking?
What is the minimum age to rent a room?
Do you allow smoking?
Do you allow pets?
Does the hotel observe quiet hours?
What should I do if I’m arriving late?
Do you require a Photo ID?
How many people can sleep in each room?
What are your Payment Options?
What are the taxes at your hotel per reservation?
What is your cancellation policy?
How do I make changes to a reservation?
Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
Will my credit/debit card be charged when I make an online reservation?
Do you have rollaway beds or cots available?
Do children stay for free?
Do you have a restaurant?
Complimentary Breakfast consists of:
Complimentary Hospitality Hour consists of:
How can I make special requests regarding my stay?
Do you have government rates available?
Do you offer currency exchange?
Do you have on-site laundry facilities?
Do you accommodate late check outs?
How do I get an item returned if I’ve left it behind?
Are the minimum night stays?
Do you have a pool?
Do you have Rooms with a Whirlpool?
Do you offer 1 Bedroom Suites in Rehoboth Beach?