It’s Spa Time

Mother’s Day is coming up and our in-house spa, the Avenue Apothecary and Spa, has the best indulgences in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. From facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, and more, there is something for any special person in your life. Let’s get to it – It’s Spa Time!

Our Favorite Spa Specials

pear and lemongrass -avenue-inn-and-spa

Pear & Lemongrass Body Cocktail

– A dreamy, nourishing soak hydrates and softens skin for a rice bran oil and sea salt exfoliation! This is no buffing you’ve experienced before – with a crafted blend of fermented and crushed pears! Skin will drink up the deliciousness. Feeling soft and renewed, cap this treatment off with a vitamin E-infused shea butter massage. – 120 minutes – $225

actus melon -avenue-inn-and-spa

Cactus Melon Body Detox Wrap

– A fruity soak with notes of fresh watermelon fill your treatment room as skin drinks in the vitamin E and coconut oil nourishment. Now, let a juicy exfoliation with watermelon seed oil renews skin to its softest state. Next, arms, legs and neck bask in a prickly pear Cactus Toning Gel that improves skin’s elasticity – helping firm the surface! Cap off this detox with a hydrating shea butter application. Soft notes of lemongrass and green melon are left in its wake. Here’s to you! – 120 minutes – $225

magic melon -avenue-inn-and-spa

Magic Melon CBD Renewing Manicure & Pedicure

– Juicy notes of watermelon greet you as hands and feet dip into a nourishing CBD-infused soak! Then, we get real fruity with a Watermelon Basil Vodkatini scrub, infused with organic vodka that seamlessly rids skin of dry and rough patches. Newly smooth, a lycopene extract gelee serum replenishes skin with antioxidants to nourish! End with a soft notes of lemongrass and green melon as a shea butter seals in all your softness. End result? So silky, you’ll swoon! – 105 minutes – $120

chasing the gleam-avenue-inn-and-spa

Chasing the Gleam Brightening Manicure & Pedicure

– A delicious soak with vitamin E and coconut oil greets tired hands and soles! Next, a certified organic scrub gently exfoliates with micro sugar crystals, so a vitamin C-rich mask we call Mighty Brighty can really work its magic! This masking blend is made with bentonite & kaolin clays so skin is not only illuminated but purified too! Finally, we seal in the glow with a creamy organic cucumber extract shea butter – made to replenish skin with vitamin C! – 105 minutes – $120

citrus lemongrass-avenue-inn-and-spa

Citrus Lemongrass Cooler Manicure & Pedicure

– Let notes of crisp cucumber dance around as hands and feet nestle into a warm soak, made with a blend of coconut oil and vitamin E for ultimate nourishment! Next, rough patches are smoothed over with a sea salt and rice bran oil scrub that reveals baby-smooth skin underneath. Finish with a shea butter rubdown scented with notes of delicious lemongrass and green melon! – 105 minutes – $120

sweet tea surrender-avenue-inn-and-spa

Sweet Tea Surrender Manicure & Pedicure

– The essence of honey and magnolia flower wrap the room as you soak in a special blend of grapeseed, olive and orange peel oils that nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Next, you’re whipped into softness with a Sweet Tea shea sugar polish with notes of ginger tea and peach. Finally, a green tea shea butter massage leaves hints of peach and powdery-soft spun sugar. Enjoy this sweet tea brew all summer long! – 105 minutes – $120


Specials for Mother’s Day:

glow and get it -avenue-inn-and-spa

Glow & Get It Brightening Body Wrap

– Skin in search of its long lost glow? We’ve found it with this body wrap! Begin with a nourishing, vitamin E soak that softens skin for a spirited exfoliation with a fine sugar polish. Next, you’re nestled into a reservatrol wrap to reverse the hands of time and smooth over the look of fine lines. Finish with an organic cucumber extract shea butter to nourish and hydrate. – 120 minutes – $225

momma's mimosa-avenue-inn-and-spa

Momma’s Mimosa Manicure & Pedicure

– Hands and feet dip into a crisp warm soak, infused with wholesome ingredients like Epsom salt and coconut oil. Now soft, skin is refined with a sea salt scrub—a light citrus scent fills your space …ahh your senses are awakened! End this treatment by locking in softness with a vitamin E-rich shea butter. – 105 minutes – $120

a motherly glow

A Motherly Glow Brightening Facial

– Vitamin C is more than just a buzz word of the moment. Brighten, lighten & tighten skin with this effective, multi-layered facial treatment. By combining the powers of Eminence Organic Skin Care, Naturopathica Skin Care & Saint Jane Beauty, we’ve chosen to gift the mother in your life with the ultimate glow for Mother’s Day. – 60 minutes – $175

Please note, prices and services may change at other times of the year, so please check the Avenue Apothecary and Spa website directly before booking. 

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