Rehoboth Beach Named One of the Best Beach Weekend Getaway Spots in the U.S.

Anytime we see the Rehoboth Beach area get the recognition it deserves, we can’t help but get excited! For those of you who may not have known, Rehoboth Beach was just listed by Huffington Post as one of the Best Beach Weekend Getaway spots in the U.S. While this is something that we’ve obviously known for years, we’re so glad to see that more and more people are in agreement with us!

Described on the website as “an old-fashioned beach resort town with a lively art gallery scene,” those who visit the area are encouraged to make their way down to the boardwalk for a day of family-friendly fun. From restaurants and boutique shops to ice cream stands and carnival rides, you’ll find that there’s always something to explore on the boardwalk! Oh and don’t even think about leaving until you get a delicious tub of Thrashers French Fries, aka the best fries in Rehoboth Beach. Yes, they’re really that good!

Now while a good stretch of the boardwalk has all of this fun stuff to do and see, if you’re looking to take a nice, quiet stroll after a day of excitement, all you have to do is keep walking until the very end of the boardwalk on the south side. That’s where you will find very little action and just a peaceful stretch of beautiful sand and water. It’s the perfect way to end any day at Rehoboth Beach.

So don’t just take our word for it – or even Huffington Post’s word for that matter! Plan a trip this summer and see for yourself why Rehoboth Beach made the cut!

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