Shop and Eat Like a Local with Cooking Rehoboth!

One of the greatest things about visiting Rehoboth Beach is getting a chance to sample some of the delicious local cuisine, and here on the Delmarva Peninsula, we have quite a bit of it! Now while many of our weekend visitors have the opportunity to experience it through any number of our local restaurants, those who choose to visit our beach town during the week are lucky enough to have one extra open: the Rehoboth Beach Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays afternoons.

With a mouthwatering assortment of produce, meats, seafood and more available at the farmer’s market, you may not even know where to begin. That’s why we would highly recommend that you sign up to participate in the Rehoboth Beach Farmer’s Market and Cooking Class.

The process is pretty simple; all those who sign up will meet at the instructor’s home (located just around the corner from the market) at 11am on the day they’ve paid for. Because of the fact that there is always delicious fresh fruit available at the market, you’ll spend roughly an hour making a pie crust and chatting about the culinary history of the Delmarva Peninsula before heading out to the market. Since the meals that will be prepared later on during the cooking class will be based solely on what is available at the market that day, you will spend a few hours walking around the market with your instructor and fellow participants planning a menu and buying the ingredients before returning to the kitchen to begin the cooking process.

The cost to take part in this incredible opportunity to shop and eat like a Rehoboth Beach local is $75 per person, although group discounts are available for two or more people so don’t be afraid to ask! To learn more information and to sign up, visit the Cooking Rehoboth website! What better way to truly experience the region while on your next Delaware trip? We can’t think of anything!

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